Your Sex Is Personal



on behalf of your sexual being

We hereby proclaim March 3, 2010..and every March 3 there after..

America’s Sexuality Day (SexDayUSA)

Honoring and Celebrating YOUR Sex on the Anniversary Congress Censored Your  Sex

Yes, we do know that you can celebrate your sex any day of ther year (and we like that!) But what better way to remind ourselves of how significant sex is than to mark the date of its historic censorship?

Shape America’s Sexuality Day

Your way, where ever you are and how ever you choose to celebrate

Whether your sex is guided by direction or impulse, family, faith or culture; If you’re monogamous or polyamorous, celibate or kinky, religious or hedonist, straight or GLBT,  asexual or pansexual; activist or not; Love sex, hate sex, fear sex, miss sex; Have sex for love, money, pleasure, security; All of the above , none of the above, or you self describe your sexual self, choice, orientation or lifestyle in yet another way, or in no way–

  • love who you are
  • cuddle with your love(s) or yourself
  •  throw a party, go to church, talk with your kids
  •  write a blog post , get on radio, be on TV
  •  Flickr our poster or yours, YouTube,  Tweet #SexDayRSVP   Facebook Myspace
  • Donate to your favorite sexual or free speech advocacy
  • Support sex in the arts (read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, go to the theatre or  museum)
  • learn more about sex ed in– health ,  politics,  pleasure,  philosophy or faith, your own body
  • Be a  Strange Bedfellow
    ask someone whose sexual beliefs are different from yours to a respectul conversation
  • Edit the Congressional Resolution for Sex
  • Nominate Your Sexual Hero(es)

And Most of all— Enjoy Your –and All of America’s — Sexuality Day!


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